Sunday, February 22, 2009

Prompt 52: Twilight

IMG 3903

This week's prompt is twilight, the time that immediately follows sunset.
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Thank you and enjoy!


  1. Sorry that I didn't read the definition before hand. Not all my follow sunset literally.
    It was a fun prompt, now I can see what the others did with it.

  2. Lovely image!

    Hopefully Beth P may read this! I want her to know that I thought her response was a delightful celebration of her dog. Unfortunately, I can't seem to post a comment on her blog.

  3. A haiku about the origin of the word.

  4. Seems like the twi in twilight may mean two - here the two lights are the candle and the bugs.

  5. i'm glad i stumbled across this group.

    amazing poets with amazing poems!


  6. One of my fav times of day. I look forward to reading many of the submissions for this one.

    Hugs, G

  7. Yeah, thanks for the prompt, mines up^...

  8. Thank you for the inspiration & community of artists!


  9. thankyou - very hard to go back there.

  10. Hi,

    Clicked on your post while searching something on net.

    I like reading your posts and at first I was marvelled to see such a blog. You have a gift of writing, keep up the good work. I'll be back soon to read more.


  11. NancyBoy - I've either left three very similar comments or none at all - the word verification won't trip...

  12. I seem to be the Friday OSI poster! And twilight is eternally mysterious! If any of my Venus- crescent moon shots come out, I'll post them here too.

    I look forward (even now!) to visiting as many of the posts here as I can.....

  13. Sandy, I tried to leave a comment at Writing in Faith this morning but the comment window wouldn't open. I tried several times. Thought I should let you know in case other readers are having a similar problem.

    I am so looking forward to OSI's blogoversary tomorrow. Thinking cap on re: Circles!

    Hugs, G

  14. whilst trying to read the latest poetry I somehow managed to post a generic Mr Linky AGAIN - so sorry, my mistake.

  15. A belated entry - the lyrics of Twilight, a beautiful song by The Band.