Sunday, January 18, 2009

Prompt 47: Fading Memories

Geraldine of My Poetic Path is back with an encore; this week's prompt is fading memories. Please visit Geraldine's blog to read her poem.

Please be sure to leave a comment this week so visitors will have a way to visit your blog and read your poem in case Mr. Linky continues to be the moody devil he has been this week!

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Thank you and enjoy!


  1. This one was close to my heart....
    I look forward to reading everyone's take on this prompt.

    PS: I am feeling a bit better tonight Sandy, thanks for your kind words earlier today.

  2. Woops, Geraldine, mine is very light this week. True and meaningful but on the light side.

    Thank you for the prompt, I enjoyed working with it a lot.

  3. Buying cheap vintage flea market cameras with old film in them is a fringe hobby.

    It gives a sort of view into past junctions of light, film, and the disruptions of heat, cold, oxidation, and cosmic rays.

    Sometimes the images are so quiescent that only digital thaumaturgy shows an appreciable subject.

    Other times foxing, bizarre colors, and ancient chemistry produce frames seemingly from Yellow Submarine.

  4. Crumbs, I mangled my recording and made a first linky to last week's OSI

  5. I looked to see what was coming so I'm ahead of myself this week.

    The Naughty Chair

    Geraldine this one cuts pretty close to my heart too.

  6. Thank you, Geraldine, for another fine prompt.

  7. Geraldine,
    I didn't see a link at your blog for this one, but I have to say .. you outdone yourself. I truly enjoyed this, as I have cared, and still do, for the elderly.

  8. ..thank u geraldine for a wonderful prompt & for the delicate & beautiful words of ur poem (hope u r keeping well)..

  9. Hello dear Geraldine--
    Thank you for your poem--I posted a comment there, but wanted to put one here as well and tell you thanks for all the work you do towards helping this community of poets stay grounded and moving forward. You are appreciated!

    Hope you're feeling better--

  10. Happy MLK, Jr. Day one & all! We're on the eve of a wonderful journey ... time to leave the faded memories and look to the future! Peace, JP/deb

  11. Sandy, it looks as though Mr. Linky has settled down so I finally got on board a little late. Happy MLK day to everyone - we have so much to be hopeful for but we all need to be involved in that hopeful future.

  12. Thank you. The prompt reminded me of something.


  13. I haven't seen Mr Linky at all this week.

  14. Hi~ I have never posted here before, but thought I would try with writing a few poems. The ones I have seen are amazing!

    Geraldine- thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment.

    Have a wonderful day!


  15. I had written a story about a fading memory last week and it has been just published on Six Sentences, making it my third contribution for the week.