Sunday, January 11, 2009

Prompt 46: A Summer's Day

Geraldine at My Poetic Path brings us this week's break from winter with the prompt, a summer's day.
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Thank you and enjoy!


  1. I am so glad to be able to provide a bit of warmth this week. :<)

    I look forward to reading your works.

  2. Thank for the prompt.


  3. I've surprised myself by being early this week. Thanks once again, Geraldine, for the prompt.

  4. Thanks for the prompt Geraldine. It is meant to be summer in Melbourne, Australia but we have had little real summer so far! Here's hoping for more! But I do love the cooling sea breezes! Quite magical!

  5. Thank you Geraldine. I won't post mine until I get back to the states later this week...

  6. #31. i feel late! but i never quite know when to expect the next topic since i'm fairly new :)

    tried my hand at haiku for the first time.

  7. Hi,
    I am new to this place and thought it looked interesting.
    I will try and be active as much as possible.


  8. Initially I thought this was a hard prompt for someone deep in winter - but it challenged me to go into memory, and I was pleased with what I found there.

  9. Had a memory flick as I was reading Jem's poem om this promt, and why not..

  10. Late and a little different then what I usual write.


  11. Hello..I'm gmarie and I wanted to say that I've read some of the most beautiful poetry here!
    I decided to post a link as well. It looks as though "A Summer's Day" is still on? Thanks for the prompt-

  12. Oops..previously after posting my link above, I had a message on my computer which said this web page couldn't be viewed... and I got the page couldn't be displayed thingy. So I re-posted the link and now see two! Sorry-

  13. With old snow and ice in my yard, this was a bit of a challenge, but ...... a refreshing one. (Hope I did this right.) Thanks for the sweet challenge!