Sunday, August 31, 2008

Prompt 27: Spectacle

Gautami Tripathy of Firmly Rooted offers this week's prompt of spectacle. Thanks, Gautami, for the inspiration and your beautiful poem:

she fell on ground
unmindful he trod on her
spectacle, he or she?

Image: Stock Exchange

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  1. With the help of myfriend Kris Foo in Hungary we are making a spectacle this week.

  2. Excellent prompt (and photo) gautami. I haven't looked at anyone elses yet, it'll be very interesting this week to see the different interpretations.

  3. Great prompt! This could go anywhere...

  4. A nice open-ended theme this week, thanks!

  5. Gautami does it good! I've been looking, basically seeing either making a spectacle of ... or wearing seeing assisting devices, I chose the latter.

  6. This was super fun! Thanks Gautami...

    I hope to be able to participate more this month - Aug was too much! :)

  7. Thank you for providing this meme for us to participate in. This is my first time. I hope to get around to as many other contributors as possible.

  8. I just posted a link to the 'stories' part of the Virtual Tea House on which Karen Crone posted her poem: A little old story
    which is actually her submission for the 'Spectacle'. Would love to see any of you visit and leave a thread of comments--it's a good one...

    Beth Patterson

  9. It took me much to long to write this Tanka. I am very rusty. Not even sure it's correct.
    Please remember this is my first poem since I got home from the hospital.
    Missed you all!


  10. I wrote on my very favorite spectacle of all this week...

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