Friday, April 4, 2008


Hi Everyone!

I would like to tell you about a couple of updates I have implemented. I really need your feedback on what works and what doesn't. I may even put a poll up on the sidebar once in awhile to get more responses.

  1. We have a website to collect photos, poems and other stuff. It is called (what else?) One Single Impression Poetry. It is still pretty empty, but I'm sure it will grow as time goes on.
  2. I have added the code for the blogroll. But it may not work on your blog. I would appreciate it if somebody would try to add the blogroll to their blog and see if it requires a password. The code is under the blogroll.
  3. I have added a new blogroll. This is a new blogroll from Google that shows the last time each blog was updated and the title of the post. I could have added a snippet from each of those posts but it took a lot of room. Each blog in the roll will open in a new window (which I really like). The problem? I haven't yet figured out how you can subscribe to this new blogroll.
  4. We can always go to blogroll like everybody is used to. Then you can subscribe and get the code easily. What should we do?
  5. You can now subscribe to posts and/or comments with that new thingy in the sidebar. You have a choice of services (Yahoo, Google, etc.).
  6. If somehow I have forgotten to add you to these blogrolls, please holler!

So please be sure to leave me plenty of comments so I know what you need, OK? Thank you! And happy writing.



  1. Thank you to you and Sandy for your efforts keeping One Single Impression going. It has been a great gift to my creativity. If you pop by Raven's Nest and check out the post called Honored... you will find a small gift.

  2. Hi, Andree,
    Please add me to the blog roll. :)
    Also, I added the blog roll to my blog as a page and it works splendidly. Thanks for all your work!

    I am Mom's Musings at

  3. the beta blogroll rocks.. i love that.. i have never seen it before but it is really nice!!!!

  4. Hi Andree,
    Could I be added to the blogroll? I am new and have only done the poems twice.

    Thank you!!

    Stacy at

  5. I'm still not listed on the BlogRoll!