Sunday, July 12, 2009

Prompt 72: Thinking

Thanks to Jim Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place for this week's prompt, thinking. Here's his poem, and here is his photo.


I've been thinking of times we had;
places we went, nice life we lived,
and the joys we shared. Thinking about you.

Been thinking of the home we made;
the house we found, children we have,
and the love we had. Thinking about us.

I've been thinking now that you've gone;
what did I do, where have you been?
I'm alone. Thinking about you and me.

+ + + + + + + +

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  1. Oh Jim. That way leads to madness my friend. Trust me on this one. It's something I know a lot about. All the same I hate it for ya.

    Never tried this before, but I figured a prompt like this one I could work with.

    Be gentle, it's my first time.

  2. What a great prompt! Thanks Jim.

  3. I just went over to your blog Jim, I don't see this work there. SO sad to read...

  4. A great prompt with a lot of scope for interpretation..thank you! But its so sad if it was inspired by the loss...

  5. Deep sadness there but such beautiful ideas!

  6. Oh Jim--
    This isn't about Mrs. Jim is it?
    Oh my.
    Thanks for the prompt. I think you've outdone yourself...

  7. The Thinker is a bit grand for me. I've just been thinking back here:

  8. Jim,
    Now, you got me to thinking.
    ...and going back in time with some of my thoughts.

  9. This week's prompt encouraged me to quickly create a piece this morning.
    Here it is:

    - celine

  10. at last, an error trying to publish my comment & now I don't have the thoughts anymore but I like to say how much I like the prompt and the poem, so thank you Jim

  11. First-time OSIer... glad to come in on such a versatile topic! Jim: very moving, I like it very much.

  12. .. many thanks jim for a 'thinking ' prompt and the well crafted words ..


  14. Wonderful contemplation of the intricate layers of lives joined and separated. The sense of loneliness is palpable.

    Thanks for the prompt. It has inspired some beautiful works.

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  16. Sandy,

    Mr. Linky has moved to a new server and you have to get a ticket and request that they move your blog to a new server for the code to work ... after that you have to change the "www" part of your code to "www2". Of course it doesn't work unless they add your blog to their new server.

    I have gotten a little tired of Mr. Linky, but have no other option, but I am looking. If you find one let me know please.

  17. ah, that's what's going on with Mr. Linky.
    I see.

    I think.

  18. It took me the better part of the week to write this poem - still not sure it is right.


  19. Way Way Late In a Mood. But still wanted to participate! Thinking