Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sandy and Andree

Sandy is a teacher, writer, and a mother to her 9-year-old muse. She has published her poetry in several collections — Seventeen Park Lane, Silent Spaces, Writing in Faith, and Out of the Blue. She has a long-standing interest in graffiti and has published Strange Attractions Exploring Graffiti about her experiences of the art form and its creators.

Sandy lives in Connecticut with her husband and daughter.

Andree is a teacher of mathematics to middle school and community college students. Until One Deep Breath, she never wrote poetry unless under the threat of a teacher. She is mother to Anna, Amelia, Andrew, and Danielle, and grandmother to Wingnut. She is a contributor to Dr. Math® Gets You Ready for Algebra. She has had two photos published (so far). Her passions are photography, blogging, her cats and her home in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont in Barton, where she lives alone. For now.