Monday, February 25, 2008

One Single Impression

This new blog takes its name from a definition of haiku, which is a "form of Japanese lyric verse that encapsulates a single impression of a natural object or scene, within a particular season. The form of the haiku is 17 syllables arranged in three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables."*

Haiku can also be considered as, "The best haiku capture human perception—moments of being alive conveyed through sensory images. They do not explain nor describe nor provide philosophical or political commentary. Haiku are gifts of the here and now, deliberately incomplete so that the reader can enter into the haiku moment to open the gift and experience the feelings and insights of that moment for his or her self."

It is not our intention or purpose to define the form for anybody who contributes here. Definitions by their nature limit or set boundaries around terms. We include them in this creative dialog as a a point of departure rather than a limitation. Discussing form and its nature and purpose are simply parts of creativity.

One Single Impression is what we create whenever we write any kind of poem, however we vary theme and form, whatever we write about. We are sharing ourselves, beginning a thought that invites others to share the experience. We fully respect each contributor as a sensitive human being and a writer.

We are picking up where One Deep Breath is leaving off after this week. For the past year and a half many poets who blog have derived inspiration from Susan and Jennifer's blog, where we have shared our responses to their weekly prompts for haiku poems.

So many of us are keen to continue sharing our poetry, that we have decided to create a new place for this creative conversation. We are very happy to have Jennifer's support in this initiative.

We will post a weekly poetry prompt on this site every Sunday. We hope you'll come back to share your work and support with each of us. See you Sunday, March 2!