Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We Have Added A Prompt for September!

We have added one more prompt to bring us through the entire month of September. The new prompt for September 23 - 29, 2012 is HALCYON. We would like to thank Geraldine of My Poetic Path for this prompt. We have updated the prompt page, the calendar and the sidebar links. We hope you are all having a peaceful summer. Thank you for continuing to support and contribute to One Single Impression.
Sandy and Andrée
* Halcyon (adj.)  1540s, in halcyon dayes (L. alcyonei dies, Gk. alkyonides hemerai), 14 days of calm weather at the winter solstice, when a mythical bird (identified with the kingfisher) was said to breed in a nest floating on calm seas. From halcyon (n.), late 14c., from L. halcyon, from Gk. halkyon, variant (perhaps a misspelling) of alkyon "kingfisher," from hals "sea, salt" (see halo-) + kyon "conceiving," prp. of kyein "to conceive," lit. "to swell," from PIE root *keue- "to swell." Identified in mythology with Halcyone, daughter of Aeolus, who when widowed threw herself into the sea and became a kingfisher.


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