Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi-Ku Contest: Today Only!

En Syu Ritsu (The Circle Ratio)

from A Challenge for Pi Day: Write Your Own Pi-ku:

Tomorrow Today is March 14, 3/14, 3.14, or as it's known to many unlikely to have other plans, Pi Day. I'm learning about a few ways Pi Day is celebrated by so-called mathletes. There are pie contests and pizza parties. Those who can recite more than just three digits do so out loud to no one in particular, and the Exploratorium in San Francisco holds an all-day celebration. And some people, we understand, write pi-ku—haiku about pi. I say we take it one step nerdier and make new rules.

First line: 3 syllables
Second line: 1 syllable
Third line: 4 syllables

I hereby challenge all poets to create a Pi-ku for today. You may leave it in the comments or add your link below. I'm working on mine as I bake my apple pie! Let's have some fun! As an added incentive, I will use the powers of inlinkz to draw a random winner tomorrow morning. I am devising a rare, one-of-a-kind surprise prize that you will cherish forever! So get your pens and pencils moving!

You don’t need to love math to love Pi Day!


  1. Please ignore first image. The second is correct.


  2. Pi-ku Haiku :Thank you for reminding me !

    My contribution :

  3. @Melanie: I have deleted the first for you.

    @Melanie and Umamaheswari: What beautiful pi-ku! I have to re-write mine now.

  4. Here's mine...

    Babies loved
    To Earth's bright lights

  5. This is wonderful. I'm gonna tweet it and one.

  6. three one four ~ brings ~ us full circle

  7. i love pi ~ but ~ not in my eye

  8. Very fun! Thanks.

  9. I found out about your contest too late to enter. But I did celebrate Pi Day in my own way with a Limerick Ode to Pi Day.

  10. couldn't be here in time.. but then how can I miss OSI..

    I have posted here: