Sunday, June 20, 2010

Prompt 121: Dawn

Leo of I Rhyme without a Reason brings us this week's prompt, dawn. Thanks, Leo, for the poem and image below.
Deep in my eyes
Resided a dream
It made me whole
It seemed close
Yet much distant
Etched in my soul

Yearned it a lot
Wished to be true
Waited for the day
Obstacles jumped
I reached so near
But it slipped away

A moment stuck
That pain in heart
That despair within
Lost in this world
Felt hopelessness
Like drowned in sin

Dark night trapped
Thoughts of gloom
Wind relieved fear
As I walked alone
My burden lesser
Escaped a lone tear

The horizon bright
Revealed a smile
After night of pains
Burning once more
In my eyes the fire
Dream dawned again

Photo source: here.

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  1. hi Sandy/Andree..
    glad u got the contribution in time :)
    i'll be bloghopping to everyone this time. have been busy.

    the "I Rhyme Without Reason" link is also going to the picture source link, do edit :) thank u...

  2. wonderful prompt Leo, thank you.
    your dream and poem is deep and wonderful.

  3. 'The horizon bright
    Revealed a smile'


  4. Leo--
    Thanks for the prompt and the craft you embody!

  5. I like the rhythm of your poem Leo. Like a staccato series of snapshots, momentary strobe flashes.

    Wow, what a different prompt from the last one. It inspired me to write a brief chapter for a novel I have been working on. Oddly enough it is darker than what oubliette inspired.

  6. A beautiful subject to write about...wonderful poem.

  7. Thank you! Interesting prompt.

  8. Thanks Leo, I got inspired to make another posting..