Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prompt 117: Floating

This week's prompt, floating comes from Loch Rob of A Small Look Inside. Thanks, friend, for the image and poem below.

The Sea 'n' Me

I am intimate with water
Cool sea, full of roller coasting waves
Riding through infinity on frothy foam
Bathing my body, refreshing my spirit
Effervescent arms capture me
Soul-quenching’s embrace.

Misunderstandings wash away
Holding to the truest light
Teaching me about trusting
Floating on my back
While tossing me to and fro
Hardly caring for my well being

Yet inside the depths is the profoundest love
That’s ever washed upon me
I rest like a babe in a mother's womb
Hoping that I will never fail you
Knowing you will never give me up for lost.
Endless breezes blow upon my face.

As the sun shines above, drifting
Many a creature from below pause
To see what consciousness floats above
Along a highway without roads
My insignificance lies beneath
The innumerable grains of sand upon your shores.

I yearn to understand the depths
Of your creation and existence
And why this one grain has any meaning.
Walking along your shores
I leave footprints in the sand
A legacy of decisions made, directions taken.

Turning to retrace my steps
With path erased by never ending waves
Onward I go, within the currents
Hoping the tide will drift my way
And a distant lighthouse will be shining
Showing me the way home.
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My apologies for the delay in getting Mr.Linky up. It's been a bad night. Thank you for understanding. -- Andree
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  1. where is Mr.Linky?
    unable to see it..

    here is mine!


  2. Andrée, I am sorry you were having troubles.

    For the readers who cannot interpret the characters beneath Rob's excellent poem, they are saying:

    "+ + + + + + + + My apologies for the delay in getting Mr.Linky up. It's been a bad night. Thank you for understanding. -- Andree + + + + + + + +"

    And of course I understand, I don't even have a poem ready for tonight. I have had a very bad week also.
    Andrée, thank you for all you do!

  3. Thanks for sharing the poem, "The Sea 'n' Me." Looking forward to reading some poems here...thanks for the prompt and the space...

  4. Have added one more for the prompt.. do visit..again

  5. I love The Sea 'n' Me. It is beautifully written. The Sea is a limitless subject to write on. Can't wait to read more of your poetry! Thank you.:-)

  6. This is a beautiful prompt and poem. It is reflective and tranquil.

  7. Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I participated, but I am very glad to be back

  8. I love the play of words here and the images conjured. Love is often compared to an ocean and the ocean brings up such stong memories and images. We are born in an internal sea and birthed out to this world, yet we always yearn to return to the sea and to home. Lovely poem. You captured the complexity of these emotions well.