Sunday, March 28, 2010

Prompt 109: Avatar

Thanks to Beth Patterson of Virtual Tea House for this week's prompt, avatar. Thanks, Beth for the poem and for providing the image!

I can imagine of no other avatar than this:

To be one of Mary Oliver’s wild geese.

With the moon in one eye

And the howl in my down

I challenge you to distinguish me

from a poet.

Or Maxfield Parrish.

A note from Beth Patterson, who is host and blogger at the Virtual Tea House (VTH): There are several writers who blog on that site, and she’s invited them to write to this week’s prompt, ‘avatar’. The ones who responded will be part of her post for this prompt. In general, when you are responding on the VTH to the poems submitted by any of the poets that you make sure which one is the author before you address them. Thanks!
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  1. I visited Beth's Avatar posting. Here friends did her well! The poems they wrote for Beth are just lovely. Thank you Beth, for this interesting prompt.

  2. huge wit &

    a wonderful poem ( & prompt _ well, i bracket just about anything )

    many many thanks ..

  3. Thanks Jim and zoya--
    I'll be visiting each site that writes to the prompt sometime during the week. Thank you all for coming out to play!

  4. Great prompt. I enjoyed the heck out of it! Looking forward to reading what others wrote!

  5. fun prompt, I had to get to know this word better to breath life into a poem. And dear lady, I would never distinguish you from either poet or painter! My sense is you are both.

  6. Wish the movie wasn't on so many minds... because this is a really great prompt.

  7. hi friends... my friend Yamini and I have started a weekly short story meme based on photographs called Thursday Tales. If you want to participate, please do join us @ Thursday Tales

    thanks! :)