Sunday, July 5, 2009

Prompt 71: The Stranger

"The stranger" is this weeks prompt, courtesy of Beth Patterson, whose blog is Virtual Tea House. Thank you, Beth! Here is her poem:

On any graced day
The stranger shuffles, glides, stalk, trails over a horizon
Gently pushing aside the lilacs obscuring hearts’ doors
Asking only an audience.

Photo: Watching the Bridal Party in Kashmir, by Bill Wilson

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  1. Beth, I like! Love may be just around the corner. I would have liked to have been your stranger, even the 'stalking' part doesn't seem too bad. The photo tempers that aspect a little bit, just right.
    Thank you for the prompt, I had fun once more.
    Thank you OSI Guys too, you all work hard.

  2. Thanks, Beth, for this wonderful prompt!! And as Jim said, to OSI, for making stuff work!!

  3. Beth- Lovely photo, prompt, poem

  4. I've been a stranger to the internet for a few weeks but am now back.

  5. Did two this week, but Mr. Linky is being skittish once more. I'll pop back in to see if it lets me save the other one.
    Sorry about not commenting at all last week. I was away and had reduced internet access.

  6. We are all strangers to ourselves.

  7. Hi all--
    Glad you're having fun with the prompt! I'll visit everyone's site this week--

    In the meantime, I can't enter anything into Mr. Linky, so here's my URL for the prompt:

    Thanks for playing!

  8. I'm not participating this week. I wasn't happy with the poem I wrote for this particular prompt so I pushed "delete". ;<) Loved your poem Beth, well done. I look forward to reading other participants offerings, soon.

    Hugs, G

  9. Great prompt Beth ... merci!!


  10. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Have a great day!


  11. This is late:

    Oh well.