Sunday, April 19, 2009

Prompt 60: One Word

Thanks to Jess of Wayfaring Wanderer, who has provided this week's prompt, one word, along with the following poem and image.

There are countless ways
that a being can express
what they feel inside

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How to Participate in One Single Impression

  • Post your poetry on your blog. This does not need to be today. You can post any time during the week.

  • Come here and enter your link into Mr. Linky. Other participants can easily find you by clicking your name in Mr. Linky.

  • Enjoy the beautiful poems of the other bloggers.

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Thank you and enjoy!


  1. Oh this is so pretty! Great job Jess.

  2. I can't access the link to Jess' blog, tried twice, came up as unknown. Anyone???

  3. Where is Mr. Linky this time? I cant see it here on the blog!!!

    All the story writers are requested to visit: and participate... I will wait for you all there :)

  4. I guess Mr. Linky is elsewhere, I can't see him either. ;<)

    My post is up at:

    I look forward to reading your takes on this prompt.

  5. No Mr. Linky...
    My post is up at TittleGeraldine, there is an address too many in the link to Jess's journal: just delete the part about blogger.

  6. Very nice Wayfaring Wanderer, how true. I love the highlight in the poem ...

    "countless" "express" "feel" ..

    I thank that sums up life and all that it entail. Thanks for the prompt, I enjoyed playing with it.

  7. Mr. Linky disappeared!!!

    Heres mine

  8. Not able to access Wayfaring wanderer's blog.

  9. One word, "out-a-here." I may check for Mr. Linky before I go.
    That means I won't get to return
    comments because I'm "out-a-here."
    Sorry, see you later in May.

  10. Mr Linky isn't here,
    But we can cope, no fear;
    No need to shed a tear,
    You can find my post here

  11. Mr Linky is still not here! I have checked a few times! But as Anthony says "no worries"!

    Here is my take on this prompt!

    Secret of One

  12. Oh, Mr. Linky's not here, eh? Maybe he's sick. Hope he gets well soon. In the mean time, my entry's there at my blog.
    One Word

  13. All,
    I just fixed the link to Wayfaring Wanderer. My bad! So sorry for the inconvenience.

    I will ask Andree to add Mr. Linky.

    My contribution is up this week, too.

  14. Mr Linky seems to be up and running.

  15. What a clever prompt from our Wayfaring Wanderer - One Word made me think of One Sound and a little word game I play...

  16. Thanks for adding my link Sandy!
    Tony N. I LOVE your ditty...Mr. Linky would be proud! ;<)

    Hugs, G

  17. I'm glad Mr. Linky's up and running again. I enjoyed reading everyone's poetry.

  18. gorgeous poem and photography.

  19. Ah, sprigs of lavender!!! Beautiful words.

  20. been a while since I wrote anything for OSI...I combined two prompts -last week and this week- though I think they're the same