Sunday, November 9, 2008

Prompt 37: Paradox

This week's prompt is paradox, thanks to Edward Gault of Forest River Journal. Thanks for these, Edward:

I wrote half tanka
Then wrote one half the next part
Followed by next half
And continued in this way
Until I got to the en

k k k

Her smile was friendly,
She looked directly through me
-speaking policy.

k k k

"I am always doing that which I cannot do,
in order that I may learn how to do it."
Pablo Picasso
k k k k k k k

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  1. Thank you, Edward. This was another fun prompt.
    I hope to learn more about paradoxes from the examples I will be reading on the other blogs.

  2. Thank you Jim. Paradox can be very tricky and confusing.I am afraid we may have a misunderstanding In Re the tanka. If you continually do something halfway, you never finish it-ergo, I purposely left off the final d to make that point(on my blog's version of it). There is a debate about this in philosophy departments: some philosophers believe you can eventually get there or get the job done even if you contininually accomplish just half of it. As a practical matter, in some cases you would, but then, at the final stage you would be going the full way, not halfway. In theory, if you only went halfway at each step, you would never finish the task, or get where you wanted to get to. This is what makes the whole question a problem in paradox.
    Sorry for any confusion-my bad.

  3. Philosophically speaking isn't the point of paradox that it continues to point confusingly?

  4. I suspect my "paradox" is actually an "enigma" but who knows the difference?

  5. Love this prompt. The concept of paradox always creates great debate. And that is the essence of a paradox. The tension of two opposite concepts, never being uniquely complete but creating the illusion of co-existence and generating the belief in a whole new bristly meaning.

  6. What an interesting prompt! I loved my struggle to understand how to use it.

  7. It took me two reads before I got the poem, before I remembered that paradox from junior high school math. Very good!

  8. Thank you for the prompt and inspiration ... it was much appreciated. Peace, JP/deb

  9. What do you call two physicians walking hand-in-hand?

    A pair of docs.

    (rim shot follows...)

  10. this one was pretty difficult. i tried to come up with something original but couldn't. quite an interesting prompt. :)

  11. Oops! I didn't realize the (Pill Bottles) at the end of my was from a previous post about recycling them......

  12. Sorry so late but better late then not at all.


  13. It seems a little more than I need to check the information, because I was thinking: Why does not my GLOG these things!