Sunday, September 12, 2010

Prompt 133: The Passing

Thanks to The Dark Lord for this week's prompt, the passing. Here is his poem:

The day was finally over

And the sun was setting,

Casting its tired glow over the darkening sky

As the dwindling rays got numbered...

It had been a long day

A colossal journey, come to an end

And night had come

Sweeping away the last strains of the golden light

O, so sweet, with the cool whisps

Of the earth’s smoke, bearing that soulful fragrance

And the silent sounds

Promising blissful slumber

In a dreamless wonderland.
Ah! But the memories do remain

Of the bygone day

And the events, and the promises

Of the deeds, fulfilled and unfulfilled

Of the playful banterings and relationships

So significant and intense

Yet, blurred with the passing evening

Silhouetted images, pushed further away

Now, mere fleeting instances

Of the sounds, and the smells

And the tender touches

Feelings which could still warm amidst the setting chill

Tugging resolutely, until finally

The day gives way to the glorified night

Leaving, but mere memories, at its wake…

+ + + + + + + +

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