Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Link Problems

Every Saturday night I check to make sure that the OSI post has published properly and that Mr. Linky is working. I miss a few nights. Once, a chicken was squawking outside the garage at midnight and I had to run out and see why. There was a fisher cat in the barn and the hen had escaped its clutches. But it took two hours to make sure the chickens were secure again, to make sure the fisher cat was back up on the mountain, and to get that girl back to bed. Returning to the computer, I found problems with Mr. Linky at 2 AM that night and had to stay up even later to fix it!

Last night I saw that Mr. Linky wasn't working and that the OSI blog was loading extremely slowly. I knew the loading problems were caused by Mr. Linky. But often these problems clear up overnight, so I went to bed confident that all would be well.

All is not well, as you can see. I've reached the end of my patience with Mr. Linky. I pay for their service and have been loyal. Their tech support is quick and good. But the problems continue and I don't want to deal with problems when there are other linking services that don't seem to have problems.

Therefore, without even consulting Sandy, I will be switching to, which is the same linking service used by SkyWatch, Haiku Heights, and other memes. The change over may be messy. I hope you continue to have patience with the change over and with me. I want your links to be quick and easy to input and I want them available all the time to other readers. I never want you to feel frustrated or have you return again and again and attempt to input your link.

I am going to put inlinkz on today's Prompt 129: Beginning starting right now. I will add each of you manually. But I will be putting your e-mail addresses as Be sure that you update and fix this next week in your link. I will also choose an iconic graphic from your blog to identify your link. The page will continue to load slowly until I can delete the Mr. Linky script. I won't be able to delete that script until I have completed entering your links from your e-mails. Please be patient and hang in here with us! I should've done this change over months ago and I apologize for not doing so. I am skipping church and will sit with this until it is fixed.

Please put any new links into the inlinkz widget (the blue button under Mr. Linky). OR you can simply put your link URL in a comment text field. Thank you!

Best wishes —

Our problems are fixed! We have inlinz now and it works beautifully.
Just be sure that next week you make sure your URL and e-mail are correct.
Thank you
so much!!