Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Acrostic Only

Here is a long-over due post about Acrostic Only, a wonderful poetry meme hosted by One Single Impression's longstanding friend and participant, Amias.

Amias says on the blog's homepage:

I love writing Acrostic; it is a true art form. To me, it’s the only style of poetry that one can make their own. It takes time and dedication, and a good knowledge of the English language to achieve success.

I love encouraging poets in their efforts, and always hope they would put more time and thoughts into their creations. Acrostic is a poem or series of lines in which certain letters, usually the first in each line, form a name, motto, or message when read in sequence. It’s not easy to master, but it’s not impossible.

As micro-blogging and other forms of fast and easy communication become more popular, it's nice to take the time to carefully craft words in the best works of art we can offer from week to week. It's also nice to support others in the blogosphere who value craft as much as communication.

We are grateful to Amias for her poetry as well as the encouraging, thoughtful, and often challenging comments she leaves each of us. Please visit Acrostic Only and see the good work Amias fosters.